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Information for Patients

A large volume of clinical information is available on the internet. It can be difficult to weigh up the relevance of this information to any individual case. The following links to websites and booklets provides information for patients on clinical conditions that Professor Whitfield treats.  The information is provided to assist patients and their families. 




Useful links


Society of British Neurological Surgeons 

Peter is President of the SBNS.  The Society supports the study and advancement of neurosurgery.  A range of information is provided on the SBNS website.


British Association of Spinal Surgeons 

BASS actively promotes the study of spinal disorders.  BASS provides a range of information for patients, including links to NICE guidelines and clinical information.


European Association of Neurosurgical Societies

The EANS aims to enhance patient care through the sharing of scientific information.  Peter is Chairman of the EANS Examination Board and a member of the EANS Council. 


Brain and Spine Foundation

This charity provides support for people affected by neurological conditions of the neurological system.  The charity provides an excellent range of information booklets.


UK Cavernoma Alliance

A charity that supports patients and families affected by cavernomas (cerebral cavernous malformations).



A charity that provides support, services and information to brain injury patients, their families and carers.

Information booklets


The following links provide information specific to conditions/operations. Please click on 'download' to get access to the specific online booklet.


Awake Craniotomy  |  download


Brain Tumour  |  download

Head Injury  |  download

Vascular Malformation  |  download

Subarachnoid Haemorrhage  |  download

Cavernoma  |  download

Lumbar Decompression  |  download

Lumbar Discectomy  |  download


Anterior Cervical Discectomy  |  download

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