Peter Whitfield

Consultant & Associate Professor in Neurosurgery

Peter is a Consultant Neurosurgeon on the Specialist Register based at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust and The Plymouth Nuffield Hospital. Peter is also an Honorary Associate Professor in Plymouth University.

Areas of Expertise

Traumatic brain injury.
Intracranial aneurysms, AVMs and cavernoma.
Brain tumours including meningiomas and glioma.
Normal pressure hydrocephalus. 
Lumbar discectomy, decompression and treatment of cauda equina syndrome.
Anterior cervical discectomy.


BM (Distinction in Clinical Medicine)

PhD FRCS (England)

FRCS (Surgical Neurology)



PG Cert Clin Ed (Distinction)

Peter was an undergraduate at Southampton University Medical School (1982-87). He graduated with a Distinction in Clinical Medicine, the Sutton Prize for Surgery and the Newitt Memorial Prize. He was inspired to pursue a career in neurosurgery following lectures in neuroanatomy, undergraduate work on the cervical spine and placements in neurosurgery. Following medical and surgical “house jobs” in Southampton, Peter spent a year teaching and studying anatomy at the University of Glasgow. He then worked with Professor Sir Graham Teasdale and colleagues at the Institute of Neurological Science in Glasgow and in the Emergency Department of Glasgow Royal Infirmary.  


Peter then undertook training in Trauma, Orthopaedics (including spinal surgery) and General Surgery in Winchester (1990-92). At this point, Peter was ready to specialise in neurological surgery.

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NHS Contact

Mr PC Whitfield

South West Neurosurgery Centre
University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust,
Plymouth, PL6 8DH

Secretary: Mrs Jeanne Weeden

Tel: 01752 431114


Private Patient and Medicolegal Contact

Mr PC Whitfield

Nuffield Health Plymouth Hospital,

Derriford Road,

Plymouth PL6 8BG

Secretary: Mrs Karen Harding

Tel: 01752 761824


Request a Private appointment

If you would like to request a private appointment with Mr Peter Whitfield, please contact his Secretary, Karen Harding, providing any necessary details. Karen can provide information regarding costs.